Where to study your management qualification

Not all training organisations are equal in either price or services. There are also different methods of delivering the qualifications.

Delivery options can include:

  • Classroom based requiring weekly attendance, additional research and assignments done in additional time.
  • Workshop based with one short workshop combined with independent study, research and assignments in additional time.
  • Distance learning with independent study, research and assignments undertaken at home.

it’s important to choose a delivery method that suits you and your lifestyle. if you are the sort of person that can study independently, be self organised and motivated and needs to organise studies around an busy life then distance learning is a good choice.  If you need an imposed routine to motivate you then a classroom option is the one.

Once you know what delivery method suits you best you need to select a top quality provider. Here are some key considerations.

Approved Centre

Is the organisation fully approved by an Awarding Body? Some organisations only have limited approval and must use specific assignments which have to be sent away for marking.  The disadvantage is it takes a long time to get the result and if you need to correct any errors you can’t speak to the assessor.

Always choose a fully approved centre so the tutor is marking the assignments and can give you feedback.

Tutor Support

There is a wide range of support offered from none to unlimited and wide ranging. Many providers will only supply email support, some will provide telephone support by may limit the amount of contacts per month. Others charge extra for tutor support or for looking at draft assignments.

Always choose an organisation that provides full unlimited support where the tutor is able to review assignment drafts as well as mark them.

Learning Materials

Not all organisations will provide you with everything you need to study. Some expect you to manage with just the CMI membership resources but these are not designed for this purpose.

Always choose an organisation that will provide you with learning materials for you qualification. Make sure they are designed for the course and are fir for purpose.

Registration fees

Everyone has to be registered with the Awarding Body for their qualification to be genuine. These fees can be as much as £350. Not all companies pay this for you and will expect you pay for this yourself.

Always choose an organisation that will organise your registration and includes the cost in their fees.

Extra resources

Having access to additional resources improves your chances of success. Understanding how your qualification works, how to correctly reference, cope with word counts, create a bibliography, access other research, talk to fellow students are all important.

Always choose an organisation that provides additional resources like course information, study guides and additional research resources.

Transparent prices

Is the course fee quoted with VAT or without VAT. Does it include learning materials, assessment, registration and tutor support. May organisations do not include everything in their prices, which can lead to nasty surprises.

Always choose an organisation that provides a transparent inclusive fee.

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