Management Qualification Range

Management qualifications come in different levels and sizes:

Different Levels:

Level 2 – Team Leaders

Level 3 – First Line Managers

Level 5 – Operational Managers

Level 7  -Senior Strategic Managers

Each level is aimed at a specific job family.

Different sizes

Award – 1 unit

Certificate – 2/3 Units

Diploma – 5/6 units

Extended Diploma – 9 units

The size represents the number of units studied. You can add extra units when you need to.

Different Academic requirements:

Level 2 – GCSE +

Level 3 – A Level +

Level 5 – Degree Level

Level 7  – Masters level

Each level also indicates the level of academic difficulty.

So it is possible to have an Award, Certificate or Diploma at every level. At level 5 and 7 you can also opt for an Extended Diploma.

To find out more down lead our guide to choosing management qualifications or visit our enrolment centre.

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